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Insurance for Professionals: Horse Riders

Whether your horse is a performer or just a companion, Sosel offers the best life and health insurance protection solutions.

  • guaranteed monthly income for up to 2 years in case of temporary incapacity Illness or Accident

  • high indemnities in the event of Death or Permanent Disability due to Accident

  • valid 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, worldwide

  • designed for Independent Workers, Self-Employed Professionals and Employees who earn variable remuneration

  • the plan that complements protection for when mandatory insurance does not cover

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Personal Accident Insurance
  • Work Accident insurance is mandatory. It is intended for all professionals who carry out an activity on their own, even if they simultaneously carry out an activity on behalf of others. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • This insurance provides specialized medical assistance in the event of an accident at work, protecting you against the resulting liabilities and expenses. It also allows you to contract optional Personal Accident coverage that will protect you in case of accidents that occur during your extra-professional activities.

Occupational Accident Insurance
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A group solution designed with the protection of all equestrian members of your Equestrian Club or Association

3 reasons to take out Personal Accident Insurance

Protect equestrians in your Equestrian Practice Center with our Group Personal Accident Insurance.

You know your business risks. Fortunately, Sosel too. With over 30 years of experience in insurance related to this area, we intend to cover the risks and responsibilities to which your athletes, coaches and trainees are exposed. Sosel helps the Centers  of Equestrian Practice to protect this lifestyle against accidents by providing a Group Personal Accident insurance.

Hold your group or association

We offer a range of personalized travel and accident insurance products to members, participants, affiliates or customers of organizations with unique low-risk or high-risk daily activities.

Captivate and retain your members

By providing a unique personal accident solution to its members, your group, order or association demonstrates its unmistakable commitment to its peers.

Benefits that go beyond members

Competitive prizes. The ideal solution to ensure support Coverage can be extended to protect other individuals associated with the group or site visit activity such as volunteers, bystanders or temporary workers. for you and your family in the event of an accident.

Third Party Liability Insurance
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Occupational Accident Insurance
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