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Insurance for Vehicles with Assistance
in Travel for Horses

In addition to servicing your vehicle,

assistance to your horses.

Do you need to use your equine van or truck every day? Or casually? Are you looking for insurance for your responsibilities as a driver and your vehicle? Or also for unforeseen events with your horses? When an accident happens, it is important to be protected from the first moment, as well as your horses. Insurance designed to relieve the stress of transporting horses and help ensure that your horses are properly cared for in the event of an accident.

3 reasons to take out Vehicle Insurance with Travel Assistance for Horses

Transport of horses to the nearest Equestrian Center

Make sure your horses have transport and a night's stay at the nearest Equestrian Center in the event of an accident or breakdown of your vehicle.

Roadside assistance

Innovative coverage in the market, which  it really protects the driver and the horses.

Veterinary assistance

Safeguard your horses' health with veterinary assistance. We can send a veterinarian to the site or you can call for veterinary assistance by phone.

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