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Insurance for Equestrian Business

A horse farm or stud farm needs specialist insurance to meet the protection needs of horses and property.

With over 30 years of experience in insurance, we understand the risks and responsibilities of owners of equine and stud farms. That's why we offer customizable insurance solutions​​ to cover your property along with your commercial equine operation.

Our Protection Solutions
Essential Insurance
Complementary Insurance

Equine Life Insurance

Damage caused by the sudden death of horses

your protection needs

Machine breakdown

Breakdown of machinery and equipment

your protection needs

Multi-Risk Companies

- Installations

-Fixed machines

-Feed stocks

- Raw material

your protection needs

Exploration Loss

- Damage caused by the decrease or interruption of activity.

- Permanent charges incurred during the downtime.

your protection needs

Hull machines

Tractors and/or other agricultural machines with their own locomotion

your protection needs

Personal accidents

Accidents in leisure time

your protection needs

Third Party Liability 

Damage caused to others in the course of their activity

your protection needs

Health insurance

health concern

your protection needs

Occupational Accident Insurance

Accidents at work with employees

your protection needs

National Transportation of Goods on Own Account

Damage caused to goods during transport in Portuguese territory

your protection needs


Get the protection and peace of mind you deserve.

Talk to one of our experts today  indicated to inform you about these products and perform the simulations you want.

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