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Insurance for Vehicles with Assistance
in Travel for Horses

In addition to servicing your vehicle,

assistance to your horses.

Protect your lifestyle with our Personal Accident insurance. We understand these risks of this modality and have the insurance coverage you need. This insurance offers guaranteed monthly income for up to two years in case of temporary incapacity, Sickness or Accident, high compensation in the event of Death or Permanent Disability due to an Accident, and is valid 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, worldwide. It is designed for self-employed workers, self-employed professionals and employees who earn variable remuneration. Don't wait until you file a claim to find out if you have adequate insurance protection.

3 reasons to take out Vehicle Insurance with Travel Assistance for Horses

Transporte dos equinos para Centro Equestre mais próximo

Assegure que os seus cavalos têm transporte e uma noite de estadia no Centro Equestre mais próximo, em caso de acidente ou avaria do seu veículo.

Assistência na Estrada

Cobertura inovadora no mercado, que  realmente protege o condutor e os equinos.

Assistência veterinária

Salvaguarde a saúde dos seus cavalos com assistência veterinária. Podemos enviar veterinário ao local ou poderá recorrer a assistência veterinária telefónica.

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