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Life and Health
Insurance for Equines

Whether your horse is a performer or just a companion, Sosel provides the best life and health insurance protection solutions.

A horse represents a significant financial investment. At Sosel, we are committed to keeping up to date and with the safest partners and products to protect your equine assets. The quality of our covers is recognized by many renowned professionals who trust us. Our experts participate in most major competitions around the world.

3 reasons to take out Personal Accident Insurance

Death coverage after surgery

Insurance coverage for death after surgery, including castration for up to 3 years old.

Agreed Value

A policy that guarantees what you will receive in case of loss. The policy of many other insurers is to pay "fair market value". That is, the value of the horse at the time of loss. Unlike our policy, these give you no guarantee that the amount for which the horse would be insured is the amount it would receive in the event of a claim.

Coverage throughout the

Western Europe

This means that you can transport your horse without having to request additional coverage for transits.

What can horse life and health insurance cover?

  • Mortality

  • Permanent infertility after an accident

  • Abortion

  • Veterinary expenses

  • Surgeries

  • Loss of use after an accident

  • International transport

  • Civil responsability


Get the protection and peace of mind you deserve.

Ask a free quote online today  or contact one of our designated experts to provide you with a quote for this product.

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